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Painting by Chris McGovern

Chris McGovern

"An Impressionist’s Footprints"

We are pleased to present you Chris McGovern of Worcester and his fresh, colorful and dreamy paintings. They are not to be missed.

A native of Saugus, Massachusetts, Chris, earned a BFA in Photography from MassArt in Boston. 

Fresh out of college, Chris joined the corporate world, successfully building a banking and credit counseling career. While working in finance, mostly to satisfy his desire for a certain lifestyle, his interest in arts and crafts persisted. Whether he made Clear Toy Candies, music, or quilting, or home renovation and redesign, artmaking became the creative outlet that cheered him up, boosted his energy, and simply made him feel good. 

Double Quotes

I never know from where inspiration will come nor what direction it will go. I have learned to simply go with it and if something else is currently being worked on, just put it aside and go with the inspiration.

Chris kept feeling a need to find an art form that would provide relief from the pressure and negativity of everyday life. In 2013 he heard a new creative calling. It was painting. He bought his first brushes, oil, and canvas. That was a beginning of a new journey.

At first, his brush produced a lot of angry, red-eyed stark white faces on dark heavy large backgrounds. Though, a couple of years into painting Chris developed his own style, and his earlier angry faces morphed into colorful, expressive, and positive artworks.

In 2016 Chris started his FB page “Paintings by McGovern”, which with time gained a lot of followers. He started showing his works in gallery settings in the Worcester area and sells most of his works through his Facebook page. 

Chris’ style in his own words is a mix of expressionism and impressionism; his art is a result of an ever-changing process, full of growth, risk, and experimentation.

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