Art & Antiques

“Cozy Still lifes” by Anna Rejoyce

"Breakfast Table" | Painting by Anna Rejoice

On each canvas, I yearn to portray love, gratitude, and homage to those somewhat insignificant or neglected stuff and give the viewer a new perspective with visual delights.

“Walk The Talk” by Marion Buricatu

Marion Buricatu Walk the Talk

Life is basically a huge collection of moments. Sometimes you have no idea how everything will end up tying together – Marion Buricatu had a lot of those moments, and she definitely never expected Marion’s Workshop to be the result.

French Hunting Inspired Art

Karl Reille Painting

This exhibition features a series of paintings by one of the most important 20th Century French animal painters Karl Reille (1886-1975). This series includes approximately three dozen small-size paintings representing hunting scenes and animals in the wild.

Bardo Babes Series

Bardo Babes Series -|Eileen Mahowald

I am a Buddist meditation practioner and study the dharma. A painter who hadn’t painted in twenty-two years while rearing my children. As I dove back into Art three years ago my favorite subjects as always are people and living beings captured with the expressive quality in moments of space and time.

Yuliya Sokol

Julia Sokol Profile Picture

Yuliya Sokol, Franco-Russian artist, specialized in jewelry creation and portrait photography, was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia, while this Venice of the North still called Leningrad. Most recently Yuliya has been working on her necklace collection made of crystals and threads or chains.